Practice: Painting with oils for over 50 years, I’ve made a conscious shift towards acrylics over the past decade.  My subjects have also shifted towards more figurative work. I seek visual tension in composition, often placing tiny figures in large spaces, as an echo of our true status in this world: we are not as important as we think.

Sales:  I sell my work directly, as well as through the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Sales and Rental Program.  Paintings are priced at $2 per sq. inch and for 2020 I’ll donate 35% of my net direct sales to Plan Canada, the National Nature Conservancy and Ancient Forest Alliance.  All are well run organizations striving for girls’ and women’s equality and the protection of our precious environment. Now more than ever, I believe that these are causes worth fighting for.

Contact:  Please contact me at for the pricing of specific pieces or with any other questions. Please also see eghughesart on Instagram. Thanks so much for looking!


Ed Hughes