Practice: Painting with oils for over 50 years, I’ve made a conscious shift towards acrylics over the past decade.  My subjects have also shifted, away from landscape and towards more figurative work. I seek visual tension in subjects and often place tiny figures in large spaces as an echo of our true status in this world: we are not as important as we think.

Sales:  I sell my work directly, as well as through the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria Sales and Rental Program ( Prices range from $1.50-2.0 per sq inch. I donate 50%  of my direct sales (net of framing and materials) to Plan Canada (, a well run charity who’s primary goal is equality for girls and women. Now more than ever, I believe that’s a cause worth fighting for.

Contact:  Please contact me at or for the pricing of specific pieces or with any other questions. Please also see eghughesart on Instagram. Thanks so much for looking!


Ed Hughes